We supply the right equipment for all methods and areas of specialist foundation engineering. Each product is manufactured under the highest German standards in uncompromising quality. Special productions are possible at any time after arrangement.

Our portfolio:

• Rotary drilling rigs
• Kelly drilling equipment
• Repair of kelly bars on request
• Full displacement drilling equipment
• Partial displacement drilling equipment
• Double rotary drilling equipment
• CFA System Drilling Equipment
• Wear parts and accessories for drilling equipment
• pile-head milling cutter
• Hydraulic pile breaker
• Hydraulic casing oscillator
• Hydraulic casing rotator
• Single-rope and double-rope pulley grabs
• Spherical grab
• Mechanical and hydraulic slurry wall grab
• slurry wall chisel
• used machines

– drilling rigs
– crawler cranes
– heavy-duty crawler cranes
– Special deep foundation equipment