There are some things you can’t buy. This includes f.e. experience.

Our company BVV Spezialtiefbautechnik together with its founder and managing director graduate engineer Klaus Hudelmaier have lot of these: namely 50 years. And we are proud of that. To show you the most important milestones, here are a few of them:


    • Mr. Klaus Hudelmaier is born.
    • After school and apprenticeship as a bricklayer Mr. Klaus Hudelmaier studied civil engineering in Stuttgart and Munich.


    • With completed degree Mr. graduate engineer Klaus Hudelmaier starts his first job in the building company Sarger + Wöhrne in the foundation engineering laboratory.


    • Mr. Hudelmaier participates as a leading engineer in many tenders for the subway construction in Munich.
    • For this purpose Mr. Hudelmaier developed his first invention: a new anchor head and a new wedging for the grouted anchor.


    • The anchor head and the wedging for the grouted anchor are patented and approved by the building authorities.
    • In the course of time the company was expanded and renamed several times and traded under the name Terra Grundbau GmbH.
    • In this time Mr. Hudelmaier was promoted to managing director and later to co-shareholder of the company that traded now under the name Techno Grundbau GmbH.


    • On 5.12. Mr. Hudelmaier founds BVV Spezialtiefbautechnik Vertriebs GmbH


    • BVV starts with 3 employees with the concept Consulting (Beratung) – Sale (Verkauf) – Leasing (Vermietung) of the special deep foundation equipment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    • Together with Liebherr Mr. Hudelmaier develops the universal carrier machine LRB (Liebherr piling and drilling equipment) at the Nenzing plant.


    • Presentation of the Liebherr LRB 155 at the BAUMA
    • Further development of the new models LRB 125 and LRB 255.



From this moment on BVV developed more and more into the leading supplier and authorized dealer for the German-speaking space:

    • DIESEKO (NL) Presses and vibrators
    • BSP (GB) Hydraulic free-fall hammers
    • BRC (CH) Pile head milling cutter (from 2012)
    • Eurodrill (D) Drill drives
    • EMDE (D) Drilling equipment
    • Arbes (LU) Sheet piles (today Arcelor Mittal)

Liebherr buys devices and tools for its drilling and vibrating equipment only from BVV.



    • From this time on Mr. Hudelmaier conceived the idea to unite versatile application possibilities of the LRB carrier machine in one written work in order to support the sales staff.
    • The „Kompendium Spezialtiefbau“ („Special Deep Foundation. Compendium”) is created.
    • The company grows to 8 employees.


    • The patent for the “foot grouting” method developed by Mr. Klaus Hudelmaier is granted.


    • BVV distributes sheet piles from BRITISH STEEL.
    • Due to the above-average positive response in professional circles, Liebherr and BVV decided to publish the knowledge as a reference book with additional illustrations in order to explain the different methods.
    • Granting of a patent for the vibrated cast-in-place pile developed by Mr. Klaus Hudelmaier.

Vibrated cast-in-place pile installation process


    • Mr. Klaus Hudelmaier develops and patents an automatic sheet pile feeder



    • Development of the low-pressure jetting method as an application for sheet pile works in densely compacted soils and start of sales in a compact all-in-one-container solution.

Jetting platform model 2-8


    • Edition of the “Kompendium. Spezialtiefbau“ („Special Deep Foundation. Compendium”) Volume I at the publishing house Ernst & Sohn


    • Edition of the “Kompendium Spezialtiefbau” („Special Deep Foundation. Compendium”) Volume II at the publishing house Ernst & Sohn

Both volumes have been sold in thousands of copies in German and English and are highly regarded worldwide as reference books.


    • Due to Mr. Hudelmaier’s many years of activity in Asia, contacts to Chinese manufacturers of special deep foundation equipment are established and deepened.


    • In this year, Ms. Hanna Papkova begins her work in the company. Under the guidance of Mr. Hudelmaier, she gets acquainted with the operative business for drilling tools and drilling equipment.


    • An Exclusive Agreement is concluded between FES (China) Limited and BVV Spezialtiefbautechnik Vertriebs GmbH for the distribution of drilling tools and drilling equipment. Ms. Papkova takes over the operative business.